Atari 2600 Systems

Atari 2600 Heavy Six Switch

SN: 10732H, ID: a2600_h6sw_01, Condition: Excellent
RF Switch: CA010112, Similar One with F output, Power Supply: C010472 – Gray Los Gatos CA
Paperwork: Owners Manual (C010777), Warranty Card, Burn-in Card
Notes: Includes Original “Chess Piece” Box


2 CX-10 Joysticks, 1 Set Paddles (Atari Logo)

Atari 2600 Sunnyvale Light Six Switch

SN: 036794, ID: a2600_l6sw_01, Condition: Good
Power Supply: C010472 – 0981
Notes: Worn Yellow Bezel Ring, Bezel Plastic Delamination


2 Standard Joysticks (Yellow Ring), 1 Set Paddles

Notes: No Joystick Boots, Worn Yellow Ring

Atari 2600 Light Six Switch #2

SN: 81603187, ID: a2600_l6sw_02, Condition: Good

Atari 2600 Light Six Switch #3

SN: No SN, ID: a2600_l6sw_03, Condition: Good

Atari 2600 Light Six Switch #4

SN: 81412942, ID: a2600_l6sw_04, Condition: Good

Atari 2600 Four Switch

SN: 82199932, ID: a2600_4sw_01, Condition: Excellent


1 Standard Joystick, 1 Set Paddles

Notes: P1 Paddle – Needs new top housing, screw

Sears Video Arcade 4 Switch

SN: DM 830020773, ID: s2600_4sw_01, Condition: Excellent
RF Switch: Atari Original? Commodore – 904778401, Power Supply: C016353 (0183, Small Logo) – Purple Box

Atari Action Pak


Model Number: PRO 810, ID: action_pak_c_01, Condition: Excellent
Paperwork: Warranty Paper – Atari Catalog C016725 Rev. E

Atari Racing Pak



Model Number: PRO 811, ID: racing_pak_c_01, Condition: Very Good
Notes: Includes: 2 Boxed Driving Controllers – CX20-01 Black Box White Warranty Box. 1 Controller Needs Wire Resolder. Driving Controllers Are The Reference Driving Controllers.